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5" Tweaker Soft Jerkbait

5" Tweaker Soft Jerkbait

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The Kelly Baits 5" Tweaker is a soft style jerkbait with a split tail and baitfish profile that will attract bass, as well as, a variety of other freshwater and saltwater fish! Fish this on a weightless EWG hook and watch as the Tweaker glides and swoops through the water with the slightest twitch of your rod. The 5" Tweaker is the perfect bait to help you catch more fish this season. The Tweaker comes in 13 unique colors to help you "match the hatch" of your local fisheries! 

Pack of 6 

Salt infused & Anise scented

Disclaimer: All baits are handmade and require a 24-36 hour curing period. Order will be processed and made but will not be packaged or shipped for at least 24 hours after processing. Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience!


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