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2.5" Ned Kraw

2.5" Ned Kraw

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The 2.5" Ned Kraw is designed to mimic the bite sized crawfish all bass feed on, made with a custom high quality plastic and infused with salt to make this bait durable but keep that natural action in the water. Rig this bait on your favorite ned rig and watch as the Ned Kraw perfectly demonstrates a retreating crawfish in the water. 

The Ned Kraw is perfect for a variety of finesse applications when you need to downsize your presentation to generate strikes.

-Great for all Bass species and even some panfish

-2.5” crawfish profile

-Salt infused for ideal buoyancy 

Pack of 8


Disclaimer: All baits are handmade and require a 24-36 hour curing period. Order will be processed and made but will not be packaged or shipped for at least 24 hours after processing. Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience!

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